• Thai Herb Chicken with brown rice
  • Crab Meat, Cheese Fried Wonton and Spring Rolls

Swing Thai


About Swing Thai & THE OWNERS

My family is originally from Myanmar. Due to the war, they moved to a refugee camp in Thailand, where I was born three years after the camp was established in 1998. Growing up in a camp without electricity or phones, I always dreamed of working in the hospitality industry. In 2017, I came to the US with my aunt and cousin for a better education. 

I started working as a dishwasher at Swing Thai to support my family who are still in the camp. Over time, I became a server, and in 2019, my mom and three sisters joined me here. My mom struggled to find a job due to language barriers, but she always dreamed of owning a small restaurant to cook Thai food. Seizing the opportunity, I took over Swing Thai from its previous owners, Jay and Duke, so my family and I could work together.

Now, our dream has come true, and we aim to provide the best Thai food and service to our customers. We appreciate all the support and feedback as we continue to offer more delicious dishes in the future!

Owners, Jay Dedrick and Siriporn “Duke” Tayaputch, are passionate about bringing exotic, traditional flavors from Duke’s homeland of Bangkok, Thailand to Denver, Colorado where Jay was born and raised.

Swing Thai is a locally-owned, family business where owners and staff work side-by-side to create healthy, locally-sourced dishes influenced by family recipes from many regions throughout Thailand.

They deeply value family and friends, and bring those principles to each of their three restaurants by creating a welcoming environment to each guest. The team of employees can be seen sharing daily meals around tables at each restaurant and frequently travel together for celebrations and holidays.

Jay and Duke enjoy hiking the mountains of Colorado, Thailand, Laos and Burma (Myanmar). While traveling the globe, they also take time to explore the many cultures and flavors the world offers, grounding their connection to food and family.

They are immensely proud to bring the diverse tastes of Thailand to Colorado.